New and used cars, transport vehicles and heavy trucks

New and used cars, transport vehicles and heavy trucks

The Car Business entails the sale of nine attractive brands of new and used cars, transport vehicles and trucks. It accounts for 78 per cent of Bilia’s turnover and 30 per cent of earnings. The operational margin in 2020 amounted to 2.0 per cent.


Market and business environment

The market for new cars was volatile during 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19. Fewer new cars were registered compared to last year in all countries where we operate. Demand for used cars was strong, while demand for new cars was weaker.

The order intake for new cars in the Group decreased by 11 per cent, by 20 per cent in Sweden, while in Norway increased with 17 per cent on last year. The order backlog for new cars in Norway was almost twice as high as last year. In Sweden, demand for electric and hybrid cars increased, which can be explained by new tax systems.

In Norway the demand for electric cars remained high, there as a result of the prevailing tax system. In Germany, there continues to be stiff competition among the German brands for new cars. In Belgium and Luxembourg the premium segment that includes BMW saw stronger development than the market overall

Share of Bilia's turnover and earnings 2020


Share of net turnover


Share of operational earnings

The business area includes:

  • Sales of new and used cars

  • Accessory sales

  • Financing and insurance

Our brands:









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