Bilia in brief

A One Stop Shop offering everything related to owning a car

Bilia in brief

Bilia is one of Europe’s largest car dealers with a leading position within service and sales of cars, transport vehicles and heavy trucks and supplementary services as financing and insurance.

Bilia has about 5 000 employees in around 140 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium and two internet based auction sites.

In 2020 the net turnover amounted to SEK 30,2 billion, whereof about 40 percent outside of Sweden.

All under one roof 

Bilia operates in the sale of new cars, online sales, spare parts and store sales, service and repair workshops, wheels and car glass, as well as financing, insurance, car washing, fuel stations and auto salvage, all under one roof – creating a unique offering.

Twelve strong car brands

Volvo, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Renault, Lexus, MINI, Porsche, Nissan, Dacia, Smart and Alpine cars, and Renault, Toyota, Mercedes and Dacia transport vehicles and Mercedes heavy trucks. 

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Bilia in figures 2020

0.1 Bn

Market capitalisation



~ 50.000

Sold cars, new & used

2.0 Bn

Total turnover

0 %

Reported growth in the service business

5 %

Turnover outside of Sweden

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Vision and values

Our vision and values ​​guide us in how we treat our customers and colleagues.

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Vision and values

Corporate governance

Sustainable, responsible and efficient

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Corporate governance


Our culture and core values govern our attitude and the way we interact with our customers and colleagues.

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