Goals and strategy

All under one roof. With the customer in focus.

Goals and strategy


Bilia is a full-service supplier, a one stop shop with a wide range of products and services that evolve in line with the customers’ wishes and requirements.

  • Simple car ownership

  • An experience that exceeds the customer’s expectations

  • A considerate service partner

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Professional advice and safe car ownership
We do not sell everything to everyone. We guide our customers to the right choise based on their situation and wishes when it comes to mileage, environmental impact, charging possibilities and financial situation.


Financing and insurance solutions
In connection with a car purchase, customers are offered financing and insurance solutions. In Sweden customers are also offered Bilia’s payment card and the CarPay mobile app to finance their car ownership.

Subscriptions create continuity
Service subscriptions make life easier for the customer, with a fixed monthly cost. For us they enable efficient planning and a well-balanced workload in the Service Business. They also give us a chance to meet customers repeatedly, thus strengthening relations.

The wheel storage service simplifies wheel changes and makes storage easier for the customer, while also giving us more chances to check if the car needs anything else.

Ongoing maintenance
We also help our customers with ongoing maintenance of the car by offering fuel, tires, car accessories, car wash, service and repairs, paint and glass treatment.

Sustainable recycling
We are one of the few Swedish car dealers, that have the capacity to take care of the entire life cycle of cars, from sales to dismantling and recycling. When dismantling, we disassemble and recover up to 95% a car. All parts are checked, and those who pass the tests are marked and sold as spare parts to workshops.

Updated financial targets and sustainability targets

Bilia presented in May 2022 its updated financial targets and sustainability targets. Bilias overall vision and business idea is to be the best service company in the business – through consideration for customers, collegues and the world we live in. Bilia will create a sustainable business through consideration and pride by offering attractive and innovative solutions for the mobile humanbeing.

Bilia's financial goals are: 

1. Total yearly growth higher than 5 per cent during a business cycle

The total growth includes organic growth and growth through acquisitions and divested operations. The total growth over the last five years amounted to an average of 27 per cent and since 2012 the reported turnover has increased by 100 per cent.


2. Operating margin of 5 per cent during a business cycle

The operating margin target of 5 per cent means a doubling compared to previous target of 2.5 per cent. The operating margin 2022 amounted to 5,9 per cent and during the last five years to an average of 4.6 per cent.


3. Net debt in relation to EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16, over time max 2.0 times

The target is unchanged compared to before. Net debt in relation to EBITDA during 2022 amounted to 0.8 times and in recent years amounted to between – 0.2 (positive net debt) to 0.8 times.


4. Dividend share of at least 50 per cent of profit per share

The target is unchanged compared to before. The dividend share for 2022 amounted to 50 per cent and over the last five years to an average of 59 per cent.

Bilia's sustainability targets are:

1. Customer satisfaction to be three percentage points higher than the average for each brand in their country

​​​​​​​Satisfied customers are an important component of Bilia’s internal strategy for being a successful organization. For the last three years, the customer satisfaction was 3.3 percentage points higher than the industry average for each brand and country. 


2. Increased share of used spare parts in our repair shops

The target is linked to our circular business model and intends to increase the proportion of used spare parts from our car dismantling to our repair shops. This contributes to a better Service Business and a better use of the car throughout the entire life cycle. The proportion of used spare parts in our repair shops 2022 amounted to 6 per cent.


3a. Proportion of committed employees above the benchmark and annual improvement

Proportion of committed and proud employees is an important component of our internal strategy to have proud employees and satisfied customers. For 2022, the proportion of commit-ted and proud employees was 15 percentage points higher compared with benchmark which was in line with last year’s performance.

3b. Proportion of women in sales operations should exceed 30 per cent  

Bilia wants to be an equal organization, where men and women are represented in all professional categories. We want to increase the proportion of women in our business and focuses as a first step on the proportion of women in our sales operations. During 2022 the proportion of women in sales operations increased from 13 to 16 per cent.


4. Contribute to lower climate impact among our customers when using the products and services we provide

Bilia wants to contribute to a lower climate impact and will work with activities to identify the way in which this should be done in order to establish measurable targets in the future. During 2022 we have been working to identify how we can contribute to a lower climate impact for our customers.

Financial goals 2022

Bilia’s financial targets were met 2022, as below: Operational margin 5.9 per cent (target 5.0 per cent) . Payout ratio 50 per cent (target at least 50 per cent of profit per share). Total growth did not meet the target (target over 5.0 per cent). Ratio of net debt to EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16, 0.8 times (target under 2.0). From 2017 to 2022 Bilia’s total growth in turnover was 27 per cent, an average annual growth of over 5 per cent. The negative growth in 2022 is mainly explained by divested operations.

Operational margin, %

Operational margin 5,4 per cent (goal 2.5)

Payout ratio, %

Payout ratio 50 per cent (goal over 50)

Total growth, %

Total growth 18 per cent (goal 5–10)

Ratio of net debt to ebitda, times

Ratio of net debt to EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16, 0,2 times (goal not over 2.0)

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Vision and values

Our vision and values ​​guide us in how we treat our customers and colleagues.

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Vision and values

Corporate governance

Sustainable, responsible and efficient

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Corporate governance


Our culture and core values govern our attitude and the way we interact with our customers and colleagues.

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