Goals and stakeholder analysis

Goals and stakeholder analysis

Updated sustainability targets

Bilia presented in May 2022 its updated financial targets and sustainability targets. Bilias overall vision and business idea is to be the best service company in the business – through consideration for customers, collegues and the world we live in. Bilia will create a sustainable business through consideration and pride by offering attractive and innovative solutions for the mobile humanbeing.

1. Customer satisfaction to be three percentage points higher than the average for each brand in their country

The work of having satisfied customers has been a target for several years. There are clear ways of working regarding processes, work routines and follow-up of deviations that enable us to respond to our customers in the best way. In 2023, customer satisfaction was 2.1 percentage points higher than the industry average for each brand and country. In order to achieve our target, we continue to work on improvement activities, particularly for our newly acquired businesses.

2. Increased share of used spare parts in our repair shops

The target is linked to our circular business model and intends to increase the proportion of used spare parts to make better use of the car at the end of its life cycle. The target is for the share of used spare parts for repair cases in Sweden to reach 12 per cent in 2028. In 2023, the share of used spare parts amounted to 7.5 per cent, up from 6.0 per cent the previous year. Work is ongoing on when and how Norway and Western Europe will be included in the target.

3a. Proportion of committed employees above the benchmark and annual improvement

Proportion of committed and proud employees is an important component of our internal strategy to have proud employees and satisfied customers. Also for 2023, we had a higher proportion of committed employees than benchmark. In connection with the launch of "BiliaPulsen" in Sweden, different indices are used in our countries. Sweden: 8.4 compared to the benchmark of 8.0. Norway and Western Europe: 86 compared to the benchmark of 81.

Sweden 2023


Norway and Western Europe 2023


3b. Proportion of women in sales operations should exceed 30 per cent  

Bilia believes that an even gender distribution has positive effects on both the work environment and profitability. We want to increase the proportion of women and focusing as a first step on the proportion of women in our sales operations. During 2023 the proportion of women in sales operations increased from 16 to 17 per cent.

Proportion of women in sales operations 2023

4. Contribute to lower climate impact among our customers when using the products and services we provide

Since the launch of the target in 2022, Bilia has been working to identify which of our services have a scientific basis for reducing climate impact. We will provide all our customers with clear and transparent information on how they can reduce their climate impact through their choice of car and services.

Nine goals in focus for Agenda 2030

The 2030 Agenda and the UN’s global Sustainable Devel- opment Goals are produced to end poverty, combat climate change and ensure a peaceful, inclusive world. We all need to do our part and strive to ease the transition to more sustain- able environmental, social and economic development.

Bilia has reviewed the 17 goals and the 169 targets in the 2030 Agenda, and has identified the ones where Bilia can make a difference. Bilia focuses its sustainability work on the areas of sustainable growth, circular economy, protecting humans, fossil-free mobility, and protecting lives.

Based on these areas, Bilia has identified nine key SDGs that we are working towards.


Goal 3. Good Health and Well-Being

Safety on the roads

Goal 5. Gender Equality

Equality of treatment, more women at Bilia

Goal 7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Energy storage in old batteries Energy efficiencies

Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Swedish tuition at work

Goal 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Bilia – part of the global economy Measurement of climate impact in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Goal 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Customised solutions for sustainable transportation Renovation of car parts Used parts

Goal 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Member of NMC – The Swedish Association for Sustainable Business

Read more about the goals in our sustainability report.

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