Summary of the past year

Summary of the past year
Record results for the year despite the pandemic

Record results for the year despite the pandemic

Per Avander, CEO

I am very proud of how we together in the Bilia family, during the past year, adapted our operation to prevailing circumstances, with focus on consideration and safety for our customers and employees. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we reported the highest result ever for a full year. The strong result was mainly attributable to the Service Business and sales of used cars.

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Financial goals

Bilia has five overall financial goals that apply over a business cycle: Operational margin, goal 2.5, Return on equity, goal 18.0, Payout ratio, goal over 50, Total growth, goal 5–10%, Ratio of net debt to EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16, goal not over 2.0. From 2018 to 2020 Bilia did not for the individual years reach the goal in growth, that is 5-10 per cent under business cycle. The average growth over the past five years was 8 per cent. Goal fulfillment for net debt in relation to EBITDA, times, is measured excluding IFRS 16.

Operational margin, %

Operational margin 4.5 per cent (goal 2.5)

Return on equity, %

Return on equity 27.5 per cent (goal 18.0)

Payout ratio, %

Payout ratio 60 per cent (goal over 50)

Total growth, %

Total growth 2.2 per cent (goal 5–10)

Ratio of net debt to ebitda, times

Ratio of net debt to EBITDA, excluding IFRS 16, -0.2 times (goal not over 2.0)

Deliveries of new cars

By brand, %




Western Europe

Employees distribution by country

In %

Turnover by territory

In %

Number of facilities and turnover by country



Share of turnover

Sweden 96 61%
Norway 27 27%
Germany 7 3%
Luxembourg 2 4%
Belgium 5 5%

Employee dedication

This year, too, Bilia ranked highly and ended up in 5th place in "Employer of the Year in the service industry" in the Brilliant Awards – Employee Experience 2020.

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Goals and strategy

Find out how we create value for our customers, our goals and how we plan to grow in the future.

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Goals and strategy


Our culture and core values govern our attitude and the way we interact with our customers and colleagues.

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Our offer

Bilia has three business areas, Service, Cars and Fuels. We are located in five markets with twelve strong brands.

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